Mia's first day at kindergarten

The day before Mia turned 13 months old, was her first day at kindergarten. It's conveniently ~200 meters away from our apartment, and it's a small group with plenty of teachers. All the elephants in the background is because she's part of the Elephant group. She's the youngest one, and the oldest is one year older.

The first two weeks we are to join in, and over this time slowly increasing the amount of hours she's there, and how far away from her we'll be. At her first day it was supposed to be one hour, but after 1,5 we still needed to drag her away. At this time she both managed to be kissed by one of the boys and get a fever so she had to stay home the next day... well, after all they do say the kids are constantly ill once they start kindergarten.

It's by the way not us being completely Mia focused, but a sad fact that we aren't allowed to take photos with any other then your own kid showing... This world is sometimes really going backwards.

Below photos are from her second day at kindergarten. As you see she can read books just as well as George W. Bush - we must improve on that!

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