Forth trip to China

My forth trip to China are to be two weeks spent from New Year on in Beijing and Harbin.


Mia's first film

At a time when Mia hadn't even seen a full child program, Maximilian and I took her to see the exhibition in Malmö showing Soviet avant garde from the 1920's. In one of the rooms a film was just about to start, so we sat down to watch it thinking it would be a 10-15 minutes documentary or something to add understanding to the exhibition. This it was not! It was for future films highly influential Sergei Eisenstein's black and white mute Strike from 1925 - and it is 1,5 hours long!

Mia sat through it all, and like Max said, sometimes laughed at the wrong time - to everyone's amusement. The last 15 minutes or so she got a bit bored just sitting and watching, so we walked a little in the background instead.

How many can say their first move was Soviet avant garde from the 20's? Go Mia!