Nothing new on the western front

At place four of most important news in Sweden today - Supplies of ice cream sprinkles are almost run out in all of Sweden... It really can't be happening all that much right now. Which also, sadly, means this utterly pointless post of mine then actually has no less news value than what any Swedish newspapers manage to produce. Quite sad.


SiFi on political systems future

How do various SiFi stories describe the societies in their worlds? I found this picture with Mad Max describing the libertarian society in being, just as well as the Star Trek Federation plays out in a highly socialistic society. Well, it's only SiFi, but what sane person would choose to strive for the first... mmm, interesting... future?

Since Mulder in X-files are all about fighting the future one can wonder how much he knows of this. Since he's fighting little green men - it must be the space scenario. Since he's fighting a government within a government it must be Spock that is his Moriarty. Quite elementary... ahum.