Shame of a nation

There's those days when you are really ashamed of your country, and today is such a one. EU wanted a full explanation to, and a full complete stop by the USA's conducting espionage on EU citizens, industry, institutions and politicians (US aren't limited to EU of cause, but EU only concerns about themselves here). All EU nations were in favour but two - Sweden and UK. And since that's to few to stop a resolution the two instead resorted to using it's veto to stop EU from going forward with this. Who refused? But of cause it was Carl Bildt who would not give in. Sweden's foreign minister, a man who among other has been caught giving Swedish classified information to the US previously would come to no surprise putting US interest before his own country and citizens this time as well. And today his masters will once again pet him nicely on the head, 'good boy' to you our loyal lackey. Does anyone have even the slightest doubt how he would have reacted had it been any other nation then USA who conducted the surveillance?

There was a time when Sweden had people who could stand up to a bullier in the school yard, telling them to stop. Most nations and people are passive bystanders, but now a days Sweden only seems to be able to breed the bullier's trusted companions. The ones who gladly stand slightly behind their "hero" cheering on. Being happy to be on the "winning side", feeling worm inside every time they get a recognition, not caring so much about morality in general as long as it helps themselves, and especially as long as it means not being the victim themselves. Sadly never maturing enough to know the bullier don't really care about them either.

So in the end EU will now only bring up talks about computer and network safety on a joint level. I'm really ashamed.

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