Wedding - Dinner and entertainment

Mia inspects the band while people find their seats.

The tables are set

Qīngdǎo, as the Wade-Gils transcribed Tsingtao is pronaunced, Great Wall red wine and, naturally, báijiǔ. I had thought it would be Yānjīng instead of Tsingtao since I had ordered more of those thinking they are a bit tastier, but after all, a píjiǔ is a píjiǔ.

During the dinner came the entertainment. We had a magician, a balance artist and finally a face changer. First the photos from the balance artist. I was really thinking he eventually would drop something, but he was indeed very good and also looked so happy during it all!

And so the face changer. A performance none of the Westerner guests had heard of before, and something I definitely felt we had to have once Xue showed it to me the first time. It's really impressive to look at how quickly they change. I really like this performer's head gear!

The park looked very beautiful on our way home. It was after closing hours so we were also all alone in there. Not something that happens all to often in China!

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