There and back again - an electrical car adventure in Yangshuo

The morning started with rain, that went away by the time we had a shower (ours were inside the hotel though, and not in the open). A lovely breakfast of mix and match by a lake, and then onto our adventure. As the superathletics we are, we rented an electrical car! We try to tell ourselves it was motivated with having walked so much for so many days in a row, but the honest answer is that we were just pure lazy and it seemed like fun.

The electrical car wasn't really what you impress with on Autobahn, but we could actually catch up a few bikers, although mainly the bikers that were 80+

The street lights are so beautiful

Assembling Dragon Cave

Elementary my dear Watson, water plus electricity gives electric shocks if combined.

Along the road

Butterfly cave and climb

Oups, aren't Mia with us? What shall we then blame our childishness on???

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