No more Mr Most Interesting

Last year, 2012, when we went to Chuzhou we both noticed how unusual it was for a European to visit that city by how many looked at me. This year was very different. First they had never seen a trolley such as our Brio Go, which is quite a standard one in Sweden. Secondly, they didn't just look, when they saw me and Xue they figured mixed baby and - not overstating it - stormed the trolley to have a look. All from couples, old people to children wanted to have a peek. I wonder if Mia ever will experience be said to be so beautiful by so many people in so short time.

Poor Mia probably never been so warm as this days though. 30 degrees and high humidity, and a lot of Chinese complained that we didn't dress her warm enough. Trying to explain that Mia is used to Swedish temperatures didn't always do the trick either.

And so back to me. How was it now? Not a comment, they all went for Mia!

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