In preparations for the wedding - our guests

Our international wedding guests had been told to gathered 15:00 at the Capital Hotel lobby on the wedding day, but otherwise had no idea of what were to happen. Our friend Lilly, who also works at the hotel, were in charge to make the bus gathering them and drive them to Beihai. Well there they some hours to walk around the park and enjoy until they had again to gather 17:30 at a specific entrance to the park.

My sister's hair styling. Looking very pretty and fully up to the day.

What might happen next?

Red envelopes? Check!

Little Mia in her Chinese dress seems to look very happy in this wonderful photo taken by Rolf.

Beihai Park

Tuffe looking down towards the lake showing off her lovely hair setting.

Walking, looking, talking. Ok, park is nice, but what really will happen?

Not many moustaches like this in China!

Buildings in the Beihai Park.

Leif, Erika, Markus, Diana and Janne.

Some of the Chinese guests were evil enough to be late, and as such saw us taking some pictures outside the park. So they at least by now knew it would be a traditional wedding. Still looking all innocent here, keeping it to themselves it seems.

Ok, now it's 17:30 and we've met up. No sign of anything extraordinary so far.

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