Drum and Bell Tower in Xi'an

In the middle of Xi'an there's two old towers. One is the Drum Tower and the other the Bell Tower. Figuring out what they do - or rather did - isn't the hardest nut to crack. In older periods most Chinese cities had this two towers, and the reason for them to be two is that during the day the bells were used, and during night the drums. I'm not sure about the bells, but the drums were to be used three times a night. First between 19 and 21 for when the city gates were to be closed. Then one during midnight, and the last one between 5 and 7 for when the city gates were to be opened again.

Drum tower - build 1380, Ming period

A specific drum for many different episodes through the year, like for when the first snow fell, or a specific flower had first been seen. The special drum was then used to tell the news.

Handmade noodles are worth killing for! Here you see one man throwing the dough through the air to make it long as noodles should be.

 A view this rainy day over to the Bell Tower.

Bell Tower - build 1384, Ming period

The Bell Tower differs in that it hadn't many different bells for different occasions the same way as the Drum Tower, but instead a single one.

The whole tower was filled with this engraved doors all depicting different scenarios through Chinese history and mythology.

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