City wall of Xi'an

I knew the city wall of Xi'an were supposed to be impressive, but not that it was as impressive as it was! We rented a tandem bicycle and biked the whole looooong way around. When seeing a tower looking very small in the far distance, one imagine it's the end of the wall - only to find out once there that it often were just a section tower. With it's 14 kilometer long wall, 15-18 meters thick walls who reach 12 meeters into the sky. With  6000 battlements and a huge amount of towers it's the most impressive fortification I've visited.

It was a very lovely ride and the wall had speakers who most of the time plaid ancient Chinese music. Along the wall the lamp decoration had different ornaments depending on if it was facing north, south and so on. Sadly it was a day with some smaller rain, so a little boring sky on the pictures.

Finding friends along the wall

Finding even more friends along the wall

The big drum was wonderful to play with. When you hit it hard the air pressure that hit you back was strong enough to be clearly noted.

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