See you again next time

And that was it for the third trip. Without spoiling some news, it seems that September 2014 will be next time I have to struggle with Chinese alcohol and language.


Fish food

Rolf and Tuffe treated us to a quite different thing, a fish foot massage cleaning. You put your feet into the tank filled with hundreds of suck fishes for 40 minutes. The face on the ticklish people were absolutely wonderfully fun to watch.


Long ji rice terraces

Yet another day in Yangshuo who had enormous amount of rain during the night, but fine and sometimes even sunny for when we reached our final destination of the rice terraces at Lóng jí (龙脊). We had a nice driver on our way there, but the final kilometres went with a special bus - and he was crazy! A small dwindling road with almost constant scarps on one side of the road to be taken in 80 km an hour as most... Luckily the driver on the way down was more sane and as such helped our sanity.

Since we survived the first part, we aimed at sweating to death instead by walking on the steep trails this humid and warm day. We did wuss out a little by the end though, and took a cableway on the way down (the official story though is that it was getting late - which is was).

When I asked on the final day what people had enjoyed the most, the consensus was that this was it.


Mia, the Buddhist Monk

In China you shave the hair of the new born so that it should grow out thicker and darker. I've seen how true that saying is for every boy who gets his first moustache - who the boys sadly often lack the understanding of doing the first shaving being so proud of it. Back to the story, this is now what happened to little Mia. I managed to postpone it till after the wedding, but she still had to get bald on her 4,5 month day. Then again, at this age it should be grown out again for her in one month!

Oh, and it was done when we were in Guilin, so Mia can't blame us for it! :D

There and back again - an electrical car adventure in Yangshuo

The morning started with rain, that went away by the time we had a shower (ours were inside the hotel though, and not in the open). A lovely breakfast of mix and match by a lake, and then onto our adventure. As the superathletics we are, we rented an electrical car! We try to tell ourselves it was motivated with having walked so much for so many days in a row, but the honest answer is that we were just pure lazy and it seemed like fun.

The electrical car wasn't really what you impress with on Autobahn, but we could actually catch up a few bikers, although mainly the bikers that were 80+

The street lights are so beautiful

Assembling Dragon Cave

Elementary my dear Watson, water plus electricity gives electric shocks if combined.

Along the road

Butterfly cave and climb

Oups, aren't Mia with us? What shall we then blame our childishness on???