Margaret Thatcher

I was on my way home when I stumbled upon a gathering of maybe a hundred persons. They had a huge sign stating something like "Today we celebrate, Margaret Thatcher is dead". She belongs to a special kind of people, and I'm in no doubt that had Tiananmen been in London, she would have ordered out the military on the first day, but the world isn't black and white, and just as with her likes, e.g. Pinochet or Stalin, she will be joyfully missed by some, just like with tears by others.´

I read in the paper that many liberal writers think that she did "more good then bad", which make me think of Deng Xiaoping's words about Mao that's more or less the same, but with the added "70% right, 30% wrong" (not a straight quotation  but the meaning was at least that). Then again, the world is never black and white although most political writers wants us to see it that way.

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