3rd Dragon

On the day of Cicero and Tolkien, the 3rd dragon took her first breath. 11:20 on the third of January 2013 to be exact.

Her full name is: Mia Mùyán Yáng Kullenius, where Mia Kullenius will be used in Sweden and 杨沐妍. The Chinese name of Muyan means 'growing inner beauty'.

I can think she's quite look alike the 1st dragon, and it will be very interesting to see how she looks when she gets older. Most of our European friends think she looks quite Asian, while the Asian friends think she looks European... Guess we look at different things.

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  1. Stort stort Grattis till er båda.
    Kramar från oss grisfarmar i Tierp
    Peter, Carola och Gustaf