In Sweden we have a quite unique celebration called Lucia on the 13th of December. In origin it's a pagan tradition to celebrate midwinter, just as we still celebrate midsummer. The Christian church fought vigorously to extinct all pagan or to kidnap them into Christian tradition. E.g. almost all Christian saints are of pagan origin, but was transformed into saints so that pagans could be won over. All this naturally goes against what the Christian god says about "du skall inga andra gudar hava jämte mig" (not sure about the original writing, but the English translation states "you shall have no other gods before me", while the Swedish states "you shall have no other gods except me". In accordance with how many people Christianity has killed - even since the first moment Moses first came down with the tablets of this writing because they worshipped anything but god, I would assume the Swedish translation is more in accordance then the English). Aaaanyway, in the 1900's Lucia became a celebration of a Christian saint. While still dark outside and at most offices, schools, elderly homes, and so forth, a gathering of boys and girls come and sing different "Lucia songs". Lucia herself has five candles in her hair (which makes her walk very very slowly), and they all hold one candle each in their hands. Ironically, in Sweden Lucia has to have long blond hair - something that shows the old pagan origin, and rims oddly with a saint from Sicily. During these songs you enjoy a cup of glögg and a lussekatt or two.

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