Mo Yan

Mo Yan received the Nobel prize in literature, and at least Swedish media now have roughly 1/3 about him and his books, and 2/3 about how could they let anyone who's a member of the Chinese Communist Party win a Nobel prize in literature, and that it shows that the literature prize now has degenerated.

I'm very surprised of this mentality, and for a few reasons:
  1. H C Andersen put notes in his diary when he masturbated, but does that make him lesser as one of the greatest story writers of time? Naturally not, only if you hated masturbaters would you come to such a fallacy conclusion.
  2. How can the literature price be degenerated if the committee looks away from the current policies of their countries, or their own political views, and instead only emphases someone's skill with literature? Isn't that rather to show integrity then to, as has been suggested in some newspapers, sell it out?
  3. I do however agree that one Nobel prize is very degenerated from Nobel's will and hardly shows any integrity. That however is the peace prize. That one where the commitee themselves states that they don't care about Nobel's will, but have "modernized" it, well, not in those exact words, but that's the meaning of it. A meaning often seen in their actions in giving prizes to whom they see do politics they approve of - weather or not it has anything to do with peace at all. At some times even to winners that wage wars, or want war against something that the committee approves of... Gladly I'm far from being alone in having noticed that, and that link is far from the only person or group that wonders.
I hope the Nobel prize never becomes a political prize like these people (including the peace committee) wants.

Update: I'm clearly far from alone in my view of the peace prize.

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