2nd Dragon

The 2nd dragon was born today, and turned out to be a little boy. We don't have a name yet, but will update later on. Only one dragon to go - ours!


  1. Haha, Xue said you used to write the blog in Swedish. Appreciate for your English writing to share the news with Chinese friends...
    In the near future, i might read the Chinese blogs..Mnn..=)

    And.. Really? You will have a dragon? I always think that she will be a little dragon, Snake...

    1. I noticed after we got back that a lot of Xue's friends had found the blog, and by then 50% of the traffic came from China, so I switched focus and language on the blog. Previously it was mostly from travel and in case something special happened, now it's more about us - and in a language you lot understand too, although Chinese (had I managed) might frighten off my friends in Sweden ;)