Mid-autumn festival

We celebrated the Mid-autumn festival with two other couples that also are accustomed to it, a South Korean and a French/Chinese one. Dinner was served with the hotpot, and afterwards we naturally had mooncakes. I've had it before, but then with more luxurious ingredients (read weirder), but this time it was coconut, which turned out to be my favourite, egg, sweet beans (sweet as all hell!) and purple sweet potatoes.


2nd Dragon

The 2nd dragon was born today, and turned out to be a little boy. We don't have a name yet, but will update later on. Only one dragon to go - ours!


Baby trolley

A lot of differences but also similarities exists between the view and equipment for babies between Sweden and China. One big difference is our baby trolleys. When we checked in Beijing, we saw that most trolleys goes for about 300 yuan, but in Sweden it almost only seems you can find the luxury delux versions, and we just bought a set (Brio go) for 10 000 yuan... But before you faint, at least you get some goodies for all that money. It has three sets you easily switch between, the laying down part, the sitting part, and the car protection stool and they are all interchangeable with just a click. Added to that the quality is really nice and differ a lot between what we saw in Beijing.

Xue still thinks it's so cute every time she sees a father walking the baby in its trolley.


With steam train through Österlen

We took a day to Österlén with the "Sweet"-family to go with the old steam train. Oddly enough I managed to book it on the last day of the season, seems to be a pattern here...


1st Dragon

Two of Xue's cousins are also pregnant and will give birth within the year of the dragon, and as such we're all awaiting the three little dragons.

On the 28th of August the first dragon was born. A little girl that still awaits a name since it will get it after her 生辰八字, which is a way (as far as I figured it) to give a name in accordance with the year, month, day and hour of birth.

We wish you all welcomed and the best in this world.

PS. In China the dragons aren't evil and cunning creatures as we often see them in the West, but instead stands for power, strength, and good luck.