High Chaparral

We watched the film Dances with Wolves and Xue said she really wanted to see Indians (yes I know, not political correct to use that name, but even the tribe names/america are often given by the Europeans and as such should make them just as uncorrect). I came up with the idea to surprise her with going to a place I loved as a child - High Chaparral, just in time for the last day of the season! It's a wild west theme park in the middle of the thick forests of Småland that has a section of a Western town, a Hispanian- and an Indian part. And then events such as going with the steam train, stagecoach and steam paddle boat. The most famous part is the show that has a lot of pyrotechnic and stunts, and it's the part I love the most. Xues favourite though was the Indian dancing. The dancers all came from various tribes and especially the man who dances with all the rings were very skilled indeed! The three children to one of them were also dressed up and danced with :)

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