囍 - dubbel lycka

At the warmest day in Lund this summer, the wedding ceremony took place. It wasn't with as much glitter and spectacle as the one in May will have, but rather with the nearest family.

We got married at the Rådhuset and after that we headed home for a tea ceremony hosted by Xue.

Later in the evening we went out to a restaurant and thanks to the lovely weather - which rarely is this nice, we could sit outside in just our shirts until midnight.

To be allowed to show the pictures of my better half, I must emphasise that it's not to much water melon in her tummy, but rather a more and more spacious 宝宝.

PS. The "real" ceremony will be later in China. Which also works well with their traditions where you first get married, and then later on hold the ceremony.


  1. Stort Grattis till er båda.
    Kramar från Peter, Carola och Gustaf( och så klart alla små nassar)

  2. A tea host? Mandy can do this??!! Really... hahaha