Although the value of this post might not be fascinating for plebes et nobilii, it is of great value for me. Today we were at the first ultra sound, and everything looks very well. It's probably a girl, and in such case it will be a Mia 杨沐妍 Kullenius. The middle name in Chinese is written Muyan Yang (pronanced Mùyén Yáng), this so that 宝宝 / little baobao will have a name that works both in Sweden and China.

The biggest problem today was for the nurse to see. This because baobao was not at all cooperating. It preferred to lay like a "shrimp" - meaning the feet were actually above the head... sadly we aren't that flexible later in life. After roughly 40 minutes of pushing a little back and forward, baobao agreed to stretch out, and all could be measured and accounted for. A while later, the yawn in this photo came up :)

With the ultra sound they can now also establish the date of birth at a greater assurance, and is now set to the 16th of January.

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  1. It's touching...Look forward to seeing her, the litte princess...

    Estella Li